Itoshima Arts Farm

Itoshima Arts Farm is an international art festival that takes place every two years in the Nijō area of the Itoshima peninsula, in the western part of Japan’s Fukuoka Prefecture. It was first held in 2012, and thanks to your support it is seeing its 5th instalment this year. In the same way Itoshima’s nature gave us the rich soil that nurtured agriculture in the area, Itoshima Arts Farm wants to be the soil that nurtures curture and art. This is an independent festival that has always been run without relying on any large grants. Itoshima Arts Farm’s aim is to foster and share a culture closely attached to this land, by having both the artists and the public feel the area’s appeal and deepen their interest and understanding of other cultures with art being the medium, as well as understanding and expressing the area from many different angles. We are also putting effort in finding and helping younger artists. And, at Itoshima Arts Farm, not only do artists from the area and all Japan look at each other’s art practices and talk to each other, but artists from all the world share this activity too, and get the same chances to learn and realise new things. We would like them to use this experience and network to spread their wings from Itoshima to the world. We hope that you will feel the fun of creating a new landscape by combining contemporary art and the nature in Itoshima, with its hills and rice fields surrounded by the sea.